After successfully completing in-flight tests, Lockheed Martin's T-50 Golden Eagle jet trainer is being exhibited in Dubai for the first time.

The high performance supersonic jet trainer has already attracted interest at previous exhibitions in Singapore and Farnborough and it is hoped this interest will be repeated in Dubai.

"We had a lot of international interest when we showed the trainer in Paris and we believe there's real potential to make sales in the Middle East as well," says Kenn Cooper, senior specialist, Simulation Systems.

The trainer is the result of a joint project between Lockheed Martin (Stand E832) and the Korean Aerospace Industry.


As well as being supersonic, the T-50 comprises electronic flight instruments and colour multi-function displays. As the trainer is able to carry air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, the trainer can be used in ground weapons scoring exercises.

It is anticipated that new pilots training in the T-50 can transfer directly to high performance modern fighters such as the Lockheed Martin F-16.

Customers for the T-50 include the Korean air force, which recently purchased 98 trainers. Delivery will begin next year.

Source: Flight Daily News