A TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 737-200 has crashed on landing at M'banza Congo in northwest Angola.

Few details of the accident are currently available, but TAAG Angola Airlines route management advisor Almeida Arlindo tells ATI that the aircraft crashed on landing after operating a service from Luanda to M'banza Congo.

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TAAG Angolan 737-200 

He says that the accident, which happened about an hour ago, involved one of TAAG Angola’s 737-200s. “It’s old aircraft,” he says. “It was landing and had some problems trying to land.”

Arlindo was unable to confirm the registration of the aircraft, the number of passengers on board or whether there were fatalities.

According to ATI sister product ACAS, TAAG Angola owns and operates four Boeing 737-200s manufactured between 1976 and 1985.

Local media reports say that the aircraft was carrying 78 people, of which six are feared dead. They add that the aircraft touched down halfway down the runway, went out of control and struck a house.

Earlier today the European Union blacklisted TAAG because of safety concerns.

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Source: FlightGlobal.com