Iranian authorities are looking into a landing accident involving a Boeing 737-400 operating for Taban Airlines.

The aircraft (EP-TBJ) suffered a failure of its right-hand main landing-gear at Ardabil airport, in the far north of Iran, on 27 March.

It had been operating flight HH6243 from Mashhad and landed on runway 33 at 10:06, according to the airport’s operator.

The airport operator adds that the flight was transporting 163 passengers but none has been injured.

Although the operator states that a “burst tyre” featured in the event, images from the scene show the aircraft came to a halt listing to the right, with its starboard CFM International CFM56 appearing to be in contact with the ground.

The airport operator states that flight operations were unaffected because Ardabil has a second runway.

Flight Fleets Analyzer lists the jet as a 19-year old airframe originally ordered by ILFC and subsequently operated by carriers including Pegasus Airlines, Air Polonia and Brussels Airlines.

Source: Cirium Dashboard