Defence procurers will have their sights fixed firmly on the ground when they visit Tadiran Communications at Asian Aerospace.

For today, the Israel-based military and civil defence communications company is unveiling its latest solutions for military ground forces, including the next-generation Tacter-31M rugged handheld computer.

One of the most advanced and smallest handheld computers available, the Tacter-31M is the newest member in Tadiran’s Tacter family, previously used by the US Marine Corps for dismounted and vehicular applications.

Equipped with the most powerful processor in its class, the Intel Pentium M1.8GHz, the energy-efficient unit integrates a new high-performance SAASM military GPS receiver for all terrains including urban missions.

Also unveiled is a fourth-generation rugged personal digital assistant (RPDA). The lightweight handheld is a full tactical, dismounted computer used for digital mapping, navigation, information sharing and other digital battlefield applications.
Already in use by Israeli and US armed forces, the RPDA is embedded with most sensitive GPS receiver available, making it especially suitable for low intensity conflict scenarios.

Tadiran’s next-generation Aw@reNet tactical command, control and communications system is also launched at Asian Aerospace.

Aw@reNet enables end-to-end tactical internet connectivity throughout the command structure, providing a synchronised operational picture of all combat units, integrated views of the entire battlefield, and information sharing between land, naval and air forces.

Aw@reNet’s 3-D battlefield display integrates live video display with telemetry, received from Tadiran CNR-9000 HDR tactical VHF radio.

In the new RPDA, Aw@reNet Lite software offers the soldier-in-the-field full situational awareness.

Source: Flight Daily News