TAIWAN HAS SIGNED an industrial co-operation agreement with Lockheed Martin, worth close to $90 million, as part of its planned purchase of four new C-130H-30 transport aircraft.

Lockheed Martin has proposed a range of projects to Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau. Areas of co-operation under discussion include assistance with aircraft and propeller maintenance and aerospace-related training.

The 30% offset deal covers four earlier C-130Hs delivered in 1993-4, in addition to Taiwan's planned order for a further four. The aircraft are the last remaining H models produced before work switched to the C-130J (Flight International, 22-28 November, 1995, P27).

Taiwan earlier signed a similar industrial offset agreement with Dassault, worth a reported $780 million. The deal is set against Taiwan's 1993 order for 60 Mirage 2000-5 fighters, deliveries of which are due to begin shortly.

Source: Flight International