Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council (ASC) will publish in April its final report on the Singapore Airlines SQ006 accident in Taiwan, says ASC managing director Kay Yong.

The ASC's final draft was sent to the US National Transportation Safety Board, the Singapore Ministry of Transportation, and the Australia Transportation Safety Bureau, on 31 January. Those three groups are reviewing the draft, and are supposed to send them back to the ASC no later than 31 March. "Then we will review their comments, and publish our final result in April," says Yong. "We will come to a conclusion."

The ASC will incorporate some of the comments from the three parties into its final report, and it will publish all the comments in a separate volume of the final report.


SQ006 attempted to take off from closed runway 05R on 31 October 2000 at Chiang Kai-shek International airport near Taipei. The Boeing 747-400 crashed after it struck concrete barriers and construction equipment, killing 83 of 179 people on board. The flight had been cleared for takeoff on Runway 05L. The accident occurred at 23:18 local time. Weather conditions at the time of the accident were poor, with heavy rain, winds of 50kt, and visibility of 500m.

The ASC is also investigating a China Airlines (CAL) incident in Anchorage, Alaska on 25 January, when a CAL Airbus A340 took off from a taxiway in clear weather at 2:43am. According to reports, the landing gear grazed a snow bank as the aircraft took off. "Right now we have a representative team in Anchorage to participate in the investigation," says Yong. "The investigator in charge is the NTSB, because it happened in the US."

Source: Flight Daily News