A talking robot is literally selling his body for French metal components manufacturer LAUAK Group.

Gogor - Basque for 'tough' - is made completely from LAUAK aerospace components: the top of his head is a Falcon 900 fairing, his body is made from a heat-exchanger for an Airbus A330 and his legs are an Airbus 340 water separator. The robot has attracted a number of customers to the French Basque group's stand.


He introduces himself to passers-by with a recorded sales pitch and tells them that he shows the strength and flexibility that the small company has achieved.

LAUAK makes a range of primary parts for aircraft from aluminium, titanium and other alloys. Caroline Grima (pictured), one of the LAUAK representatives at the show, says: "Gogor has attracted a lot of attention - even more so because he talks. He shows what LAUAK has achieved since it was founded 30 years ago. It has grown into six companies based in the Basque region and Portugal, supplying components for major companies in the aerospace industry."

Source: Flight Daily News