Airbus has stopped negotiations with German firm MT Aerospace over the planned divestment of its sites in Nordenham, Varel and Augsburg.

It had selected Augsburg-based MT Aerospace, a division of OHB Technology, as a preferred bidder for the three German sites at the end of last year.

But the airframer states that it has “terminated” talks with the company because it could not reach a “viable industrial and financial solution”.

“We have always said that we will only go for economically- and industrially-sound solutions,” says Airbus chief Tom Enders.

“We want to ensure the future of our sites with strong partners who share technology, development costs and capital investments and are able to deliver large work packages at competitive costs.”

But he says that the airframer “simply could not get there” with the German firm. It has not yet identified any prospective alternative bidders.

Airbus points out that the weak US dollar and problems with the financial markets have created a “difficult” environment which is “not conducive to an easy and smooth implementation” of the sale process.

Negotiations aimed at divesting the French Airbus sites at Meaulte and Saint Nazaire-Ville, the UK plant at Filton, and the German plant at Laupheim are continuing.

But Airbus states that it may have to consider “different approaches or interim steps” to achieve its intentions.

“There will be no turning back,” says Enders, adding that the company’s schedule is being determined by the Airbus A350’s timetable for development. “Our site divestment and partnership objectives are part of a long-term business strategy to which we are fully committed.”

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