Uzbekistan's Tashkent Aviation Production Organisation is to focus on manufacturing parts and providing maintenance for Ilyushin Il-76s and Il-114s after it ceases aircraft production.

Over the past 35 years, the airframer has specialised in building Il-76 freighters. It has also produced six Il-114 twin-turboprops, of which five are in service with Uzbekistan Airways.

After declaring TAPO bankrupt in 2010 a local arbitration court ordered that the company be put under external administration. Uzbekistan Airways first deputy director Egambergen Palvanov said TAPO would wind up its aircraft assembly capabilities before 2013.

"Instead, there will be a designated facility to produce parts and components for the Il-76s and Il-114s," he says. "It should also provide technical support for these aircraft types."

Globally the Il-76 fleet totals more than 800 aircraft. "This constitutes a substantial market," notes Palvanov, adding that TAPO is planning to localise up to 30% of all parts and components manufacturing for the Il-76s.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news