An unusual Russo-German team is showing its new MiG-29 simulator at Farnborough.


The simulator, developed by RSK MiG and STN Atlas Elektronik, boasts an unparalleled degree of fidelity and accuracy, thanks to a very high-precision mathematical model of the aircraft.

When the MiG-29 entered service, the Soviet Air Force used relatively simple and primitive simulators, preferring to train on the real aircraft wherever possible. When the aircraft was exported, however, many customers demanded more sophisticated training aids and turnkey training solutions which RSK MiG was unable to supply at the time.

There are third-party MiG-29 simulators in service, but because these have been developed without the co-operation of MiG, their aircraft models are crude or generic.

By contrast the new simulator has powerful advantages, says Andreas Jung of STN Atlas.

While MiG provides the simulator software and cockpit, STN Atlas – which is also involved in the Eurocopter Tiger and Eurofighter simulators – provides the visualisation system. The German company also has useful experience in marketing, and is helping MiG pursue an aggressive marketing campaign. Of the 28 countries operating the MiG-29, the best prospects for the simulator are thought to be Poland, Hungary, Syria, India, Algeria, Sudan and Malaysia. Reports suggest that the UAE and Venezuela – not known to be MiG-29 operators – have also been targeted.


The system uses open-ended architecture, allowing easy upgrade, and incorporates the most modern computer, audio and video systems. In particular, the simulator uses an Avior laser-based digital visual system with unlimited focusing depth, realistic, constant-intensity colours and brightness, and absolute stability. This has much lower life-cycle costs than CRT or LCD-based systems.

The new full-flight simulator is only one element within a wider training system which encompasses computer-aided classroom teaching aids, individual computer-based training exercises, part-task trainers and a tactical weapons simulator.

Source: Flight Daily News