Canadian and Dutch industrial teams are to meet their Norwegian counterparts early next week in Oslo to discuss a possible joint bid for Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter subcontracts.

The three countries are level III participants in the programme, and expect to receive around 1-2% of the total industrial work, valued at around $250-500 million per country. However, all three countries have fallen behind in the initial schedule for securing work share.

Denmark and Norway joined the JSF programme under a joint memorandum of understanding with Lockheed Martin stemming from the F-16 Multinational Fighter Programme and hope to emulate Canada's success in the North American market, says Maj Gen Lars Fynbo, deputy chief of staff, material, infrastructure and logistics at defence command Denmark.

Lockheed Martin has signalled that it would welcome level III countries joining together to bid for subassemblies and Brøge Witthøft, chairman of the Danish F-35 industrial group JSF-DK, says the three teams aim to identify areas of common expertise so that they can bid for bigger packages.

Source: Flight International