Italian general aviation aircraft manufacturer Tecnam has delivered the first two production Tecnam P2008 piston singles fitted with the new Rotax 912iS fuel injection engine. The aircraft were handed over to undisclosed private owners in the USA and Colombia.

The four-cylinder four-stroke 912 engine incorporates a modern fuel injection system and digital engine control unit "to ensure optimal fuel and air mixture at any altitude", says Rotax. The result is claimed to be longer flight range, lower operating costs and lower CO² emissions.

Tecnam P2008 Rotax 912iS


"We have built our reputation on producing some of the most innovative, stylish and economical aeroplanes available in the general aviation marketplace," says Tecnam's managing director, Paolo Pascale. "The new Rotax 912iS should reduce fuel costs - be it mogas or avgas - by 20%."

The 26-year old Capua-based company produces 15 aircraft models including the P92 light piston family, the multimission P2010 twin and the in-development P2012 Traveller.

Source: Flight International