Tecnomatix Technologies has won a £1.5 million ($2.5 million) order from European Airbus partners Aerospatiale, British Aerospace Airbus and Daimler-Benz to supply computer-aided production engineering (CAPE) tools. The Israeli company claims the deal is the largest programme of CAPE implementation in the aerospace industry to date.

The order covers a series of systems comprising the ROBCAD for manufacturing process design, DYNAMO for dynamic mock-ups and VALISYS for tolerance management and quality inspection. CAPE products allow production engineers to create an on-screen virtual manufacturing environment to display actual processes.

In the UK, for example, the software will be used by BAe at Filton and Chester to support the design and validation of manufacturing processes for the A340-500/600 wings, which are now in the development stage.

The order for the software tools was placed through Parametric Technology, the primary supplier of computer-aided design, manufacturing and component product data management tools for the Airbus Concurrent Engineering programme.

Source: Flight International