Teldix has won the race to become the first company to introduce a momentum and reaction wheel of 0.2-1.6Nm to the aerospace market.

Part of Northrop Grumman's Electronic Systems sector, Teldix (Hall 2, E24C) develops and manufactures high-tech electronics and mechanisms for the aerospace industry.

It is also the No 1 supplier of momentum and reaction wheels for commercial satellites in Europe. The wheels stabilise satellites, enabling them to point their antennae accurately. The heavier the satellite, the more powerful the momentum wheel needs to be.

With a new generation of satellites on the horizon, the industry was looking for a wheel that could cover an angular momentum storage range between 0.2nm and 1.6nm. Teldix developed the Drallrad RSI 02-30. Targeting low and medium Earth orbit satellites, the wheel can be equipped with a bearing to last five or 15 years.




Source: Flight Daily News