A TELEMETRY SYSTEM which merges video signals from a missile's infra-red seeker with data on flight parameters such as altitude, airspeed, velocity and heading has been selected by the US Army for use in the development of The Army Combined Arms Weapon System (TACAWS) missile.

Loral Test & Information Systems will supply telemetry equipment and ground stations under the $1.2 million contract, which is aimed at providing more accurate missile-performance data during testing. Loral claims that by merging video and telemetry data on to a single display, test engineers can more thoroughly assess missile tracking and guidance in tests.

Two Loral 550 ground stations have been delivered to the US Army's Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama, for preliminary TACAWS development.

The TACAWS programme is aimed at developing a missile test-bed incorporating the latest fire-and-forget technology.

Source: Flight International