Rolls-Royce will begin assembling the first Trent 1000 in early November, and plans to begin test runs on 14 February 2006. Engine certification is set for mid-2007 and entry into service, with 787 launch customer All Nippon Airways, is scheduled for mid-2008.

Seven engines are due to take part in the ground-test effort, and an eighth powerplant has been allocated for service reliability work as part of Boeing's target of achieving 330min extended twin operations (ETOPS) clearance at entry into service.

A further nine engines will be allocated to Boeing for flight tests, with the first shipset due to be delivered to the manufacturer's Everett, Washington site in February 2007.

General Electric expects to start assembly of the first GEnx engine in October, with first engine to test in March 2006. Tests on GE's 747-100 flying testbed (FTB) are set for the third quarter of 2006, with first flight on the 787 expected about a year later.

Up to 10 test engines have been assigned to the certification programme. Seven are assigned to the initial Boeing application covering three variants: the GEnx-54B for the 787-3; the -64B for the 787-8; and the -70B for the 787-9. Three are for the bleed-enabled -72A1 version for the Airbus A350-800/900.

Source: Flight International