Following success, and widespread news coverage, in Iraq last year, Textron Systems has announced the first export sale of its Sensor Fused Weapon (SFW).

Also known as CBU-105, SFW is a smart weapon that can effectively destroy multiple moving or stationary armoured vehicles, while leaving no hazardous unexploded ordnance on the battlefield.

The SFW received worldwide news coverage during its first combat deployment in April 2003, during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

First-hand accounts from air force personnel describe how two SFWs destroyed one-third of an Iraqi tank column that was threatening a US Marine division, prompting the remaining Iraqi tank commanders to surrender.


Tom Harrington, vice-president air launched weapons at Textron Systems (Hall 3, Stand A9) says: "This sale of SFW is significant for Textron Systems, as it is the company's first international sale of the system and it demonstrates the international community's recognition of SFW's recent success in Operation Iraqi Freedom."


Source: Flight Daily News