Thai Airways discovered damage to four right-hand tyres on the Airbus A350 which suffered a landing incident at Phuket.

The carrier says that the four tyres were “unable to be used” for the return flight to Bangkok following the 21 September incident involving flight TG221.

Thai states that the aircraft, scheduled to arrive in Phuket at 19:35, landed in “heavy rain and strong wind”, and “skidded” on the runway.

Meteorological data for Phuket at this time indicates rain and winds of 12kt, although the airport had been experiencing winds of up to 20kt before and after.

Phuket has a single runway, designated 09/27, which has a length of 3,000m.

Thai Airways has not indicated the type of approach being conducted by the aircraft at the time of the landing.

It says the crew was able to “safety manoeuvre” the aircraft to a halt and then taxi to the terminal parking stand. There were no injuries among the 138 passengers and 14 crew members.

Thai opted to conduct further inspections on the aircraft, having found the tyre damage, and reassigned passengers to other return flights.

Source: Cirium Dashboard