The 182 on Cessna’s display stand at the static park was flown into the show by its owner, Thai businessman Kritmanorote Krisana, who gained his private pilot’s licence (PPL) at the end of December. Thailand’s general aviation industry is flourishing, with low operating, fuel and landing costs and the ability to fly all over the country. 
New PPL Krisana C-182 W250Chris Bogaars, sales director, Asia Pacific, says: “This just shows how user friendly the 182 is. Kritmanorote Krisana only gained his PPL a few weeks ago and now he is able to make an international flight.”
John Doman, vice-president worldwide aircraft sales, is optimistic about regional prospects. “The GA industry is altogether more robust in Asia now than it ever has been,” he says. The company’s marketing efforts at trade shows have helped put its aircraft in front of customers and Doman says that brand awareness is very important in Asia, with the emerging importance and visibility of general aviation and flight schools proliferating throughout the region.

Source: Flight Daily News