EADS Defence Electronics announced yesterday that Thailand has signed acceptance documents for two Bell 412EP helicopters equipped with the Helicopter Laser Radar Warning (Hellas-W) obstacle warning system.

The helicopters, deployed by the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) as VIP transports, were accepted by representatives of the Thai state ministry and RTAF at Lop Buri air force base, 150km (95 miles) north of Bangkok.

Integration of the Hellas systems involved an additional LCD screen being installed in the cockpit and a video camera fitted to the sensor.
Hellas W445
The Hellas obstacle warning system can be seen under the nose of this Royal Thai Air Force Bell 412EP, one of two so equipped for their role of VIP transport.

EADS claims that Hellas is the only operational warning equipment in the world that can protect helicopters reliably against obstacles such as high-voltage transmission lines. It scans its surroundings with a laser, to detect even thin wire.

The pilot is given information on obstacles in the flight path, such as high-voltage transmission lines, wind power generators or trees, via optical and acoustic signals, which enable evasive action to be taken.

The equipment is already used in the helicopters of the German border guard.

Source: Flight Daily News