Thales Avionics has introduced the first interactive flight management and digital map system (IFMS) for helicopters. Part of the French company's TopDeck integrated avionics suite, the system is aimed at improving navigation management, reducing pilot workload and increasing situation awareness.

"IFMS provides a deeper integration of flight management and map generation," says Gil Michelin, vice-president and general manager helicopter avionics. "The pilot can change the flight plan or create waypoints with a cursor."

Available for forward fit or retrofit, the IFMS includes flight-management and digital-map subsystems and a multifunction display. The flight-management system is part of the TopDeck avionics for AgustaWestland's A109LUH helicopter ordered by the armed forces of Malaysia, South Africa and Sweden.

The system produces a three-layer image of map background, navigation symbology and interactive menus. Pilot control is through a handgrip joystick. The IFMS allows accurate map positioning and easy correlation between map and terrain.


Source: Flight International