French manufacturer selected by Boeing subsidiary in breakthrough ‘first of type' deal

Thales has been selected to supply Boeing with training equipment for the 787, defeating CAE and at least two other simulator manufacturers. Deliveries to Boeing subsidiary Alteon Training will begin in 2007, ahead of the 787's entry into service in 2008.

Alteon has placed an initial order for six suites of 787 training equipment to be installed at locations within and outside the company's global network of training centres. Each suite will comprise a level D full-flight simulator, two brief/debrief stations, a flight training device and equipment for classroom flight and maintenance training that will also provide distance learning for flight crews.

Thales will also provide a 787 engineering development simulator to Boeing early in 2007. It is several years since the company produced a "first of type" simulator for an aircraft manufacturer, with CAE developing the first 777 devices for Boeing and A380 machines for Airbus. The 787 simulator will feature a new motion system using a third less power and "low quantities of biodegradable vegetable-based oil rather than traditional mineral oil", says Thales.

Also competing for the 787 launch order were simulator manufacturers FlightSafety Inter­national and Rockwell Collins (formerly NLX).


Source: Flight International