European supplier lands its first US integrated flightdeck award with TopDeck

Sikorsky has selected Thales to supply the new cockpit for the upgraded S-76D helicopter planned for delivery at the end of 2008. This marks the first integrated flightdeck award from a US manufacturer for Thales, which supplies cockpit avionics for Eurocopter helicopters.

Sikorsky says the TopDeck cockpit for the S-76D will feature large-format displays for improved visibility and situational awareness, but is not yet providing details. “We have a preliminary idea [of the features], but we want to run it past our customers before we announce anything,” says Mick Maurer, vice-president commercial programmes. “They are not designing the cockpit for us, but they will drive a lot of the design decisions.”

The basic configuration will be finalised in a “matter of months”, Maurer says. Thales’ modular TopDeck integrated avionics system is available with 200 x 250mm (8 x 10in) liquid-crystal displays, and is already certificated in the Agusta A109 Power with three 150 x 200mm displays.

The S-76D is a follow-on from the upgraded S-76C++. The S-76C++ introduces the Quiet Zone gearbox to reduce noise, and the Honeywell VXP health and usage monitoring system. The S-76D adds the new cockpit; more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S engines; and composite main rotor blades and quiet tail rotor, both with integral electrical de-icing.


Source: Flight International