The JAA calls any operation beyond 180min OEI flying time from a diversion long-range operations (LROPS), for which systems redundancy requirements increase. JAA LROPS does not, therefore, apply to twins. The ARAC/FAA have said they want "an intermediate step" within ETOPS to 240min, but do not examine requirements beyond 240min in the way the JAA does.

Airbus says that, as in the past, ETOPS rules have been led by operational requirements combined with technical improvements, and the motivation for a 240min extension is that, given acceptable weather minima at planned diversions, it covers most oceanic, north polar or wilderness routings used today.

The JAA also differs in requiring not only type and equipment certification for LROPS, but also individual airline applications for specified longest mission and diversion times, which are calculated in inverse proportion to the engine shutdown rate. The ARAC requires airlines operating all aircraft types demonstrate passenger recovery plans for diversions in "severe climate areas", but the JAA would not require this for quads with full LROPS equipage.

Source: Flight International