The Gordon-Bennett Race

After an interval of seven years, the classic Gordon-Bennett race, in which speed is the only consideration, is to be resumed at Etampes near Paris. The speed course this year is somewhat longer than that for the event which was held in 1913, being 300 kilometres (186 miles), and, at the time of writing, twelve machines have been entered for the race - three by Great Britain, three by France, three by Italy and three by the USA... The speeds which will be put up will be tremendous and, as there will probably not be a very great difference in the speed of the competing machines, a good deal will depend on the piloting - which is merely another way of saying that for pure sport the event will be one of surpassing interest.

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Untangling the Net

Although there probably are not many of us left who derive much income from aviation, it may be worth noting that a really valuable, concise and clear view of the Income Tax octopus is now available at the modest cost of one shilling. Published by Oliver and Boyd of Paternoster Row in London, it sets out the whole business in such clear form that for the first time we have, personally, been able to follow the ramifications of this ghastly life-sucking parasite of civilisation.

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I agree with Mr Searle's views regarding the use of wooden wings in preference to metal wings, if only for the reason that metal is not a durable material. And if we are to look forward, as we must, to carrying a much greater loading per sq ft, then metal must be ruled out.

Arthur H Baily BSc AMICE

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Foolish Tricks

It is sad that such fearless men as Lieuts Locklear and Elliott, the cinema aerial stunters, should have passed in their checks whilst "at work", but what else could one have reasonably expected the outcome to be from human beings undertaking such utterly foolhardy monkey-tricks?

Source: Flight International