Further information concerning the March 5th flight to Bornholm Island of a Mig-15 bis of the Polish Air Force was given by the pilot, 2nd Lt. F.E. Jarecki, at a meeting in London last Monday, when he was awarded the Polish Silver Order of Merit.

The flight to Bornholm, he claimed, had been made at a speed of 683 m.p.h. After making a circuit of the Roenne airfield at 1,300ft at about 470 m.p.h. he brought the aircraft in low, narrowly missing the barbed wire boundary-fence, and came to a stop at the far end of the small grass strip.

Giving details of the equipment of the Polish Air Force, 2nd Lt. Jarecki stated that he himself had been trained on Ut-2, Yak-9, Yak-11 and Mig-15 machines in turn. The early Mig-15s in Polish service, powered by RD-45F turbojets, had a top speed of 665 m.p.h., while the Mig-15 bis - as used for the flight to Bornholm - with WK-1 turbojet of 5,950 lb thrust, could achieve 685 to 745 m.p.h.

Source: Flight International