Andy Douse

It's the ultimate piece of kit for today's hi-tech mobile worker a wearable computer. When you need it, information is delivered onto a tiny, colour flat panel in front of your eyes, without interfering with the full range of vision. It is possible with the Xybernaut Mobile Assistant IV (MA IV), billed as the most advanced wearable computer in the world.


Marek Lyzwynski, who is walking around the airshow demonstrating it, says: "These are full power, personal computers, which also serve as desktop computers, comparable with high speed, desk-top and notebook systems that have bulky monitors and keyboards."

Lyzwynski, vice-president of Xybernaut's distributor AABaltimex (US Pavilion) says: "It also incoporates a mobile telephone and video conferencing facilities, which are ideal for people attending international airshows such as Farnborough."

The MA IV could make a big difference in many industries, including aerospace and the military. It would enable repair workers to call up equipment histories, code numbers, charts and manuals on the spot and to order parts and update histories. Quality control operations, inspections and inventories can be performed on the move.The MA IV consists of a lightweight headset with VGA head-mounted display, measuring just 27mm (1.1in) diagonally, but providing the same colour image as a 38cm (15in) monitor seen from 60cm (2ft). The CPU clips onto the vest or belt, and a keyboard can be attached to the wrist.

Source: Flight Daily News