Dubai will be the latest service centre for ‘eye-in-the-sky' thermal imaging systems.

Middle East Optronics (W330) is a joint venture between FLIR Systems and Emirates Aviation Supply Centre to maintain and repair surveillance equipment from its new state-of-the-art centre at the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Eight engineers will be based at the centre which will allow devices such as airborne infra-red cameras and other surveillance equipment to be serviced and returned to the customer within 48h.

Previously such equipment would have been sent to the US for attention – a costly and time consuming process.

Mike Ghalayini, FLIR Systems director, Middle East business development, says the new centre will greatly enhance the service that FLIR provides to its customers in the region.

"We have had an office at the Dubai airport for the past five years but this new centre ensures our commitment to our existing customers and proves to new customers that we are serious about the Middle East."

Around 30,000 systems are currently employed in 60 countries worldwide in a variety of civilian and military roles including search and rescue, anti-drug patrols, fire-fighting and perimeter security.

Source: Flight Daily News