Thomson Training & Simulation (TTS) is building the first flight-simulator visual system to provide calligraphic image-generation capability using a commercial graphics-workstation. The simulator will be delivered to Aerospatiale in 1997 for use in aircraft development.

The system has a Silicon Graphics Onyx RealityEngine2 low-cost image-generator, running TTS' Space Magic software. The Space Magic system uses software, developed for the company's Space high-end visual system, based on special-purpose hardware.

By porting the software to a commercial workstation, TTS has been able to reduce cost while providing performance acceptable for flight-training devices and other types of simulator. Workstations lack the capability to generate bright, sharp light points - a requirement of commercial flight-simulator visuals - so Silicon Graphics subcontracted to EIS development of a calligraphic board for the RealityEngine2. TTS' Space Magic is the first application of this board, which narrows the capability gap between low-cost and high-end image generators.

The Aerospatiale visual has a TTS 220¹-horizontal by 45¹-vertical display.

Source: Flight International