Danish Inmarsat terminal manufacturer Thrane & Thrane has introduced its new Aero-SB+ SwiftBroadband aeronautical terminal here.

Along with two SwiftBroadband channels, which will support data communications at up to 432kbit/sec following the introduction of the service later this year, the system offers four voice channels and one for flight-deck data.

Other built-in features include a router for intelligent connectivity, an Ethernet switch for wired laptops and PDAs, a wireless LAN, and a PBX to handle multiple voice handsets. Applications will include high-speed Internet access, economical voice calling, ISDN-standard communications, and VoIP via the wireless LAN.

The new system is an upgrade of the company’s existing Aero-HSD+ product, with a new SwiftBroadband high-speed data unit substituting for the original Swift 64 64kbit/sec box.

Source: FlightGlobal.com