Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) , Elbit and MAPO MIG are involved in a three way battle for a $100 million contract to upgrade Ethiopia's Mikoyan MiG-21Bis Fishbed fighter aircraft.

The two Israeli companies are offering upgrades based mostly on Israeli developed avionics.The Lahav division of IAI has recently completed a series of successful test flights of an advanced configuration MIG-21Bis .The new MIG-21-2000 upgrade includes an Elta EL/M-2032 advanced multimode radar, two multifunction liquid crystal colour displays and other advanced avionics. The Elbit upgrade is based on the one being installed in the Romanian air force's MIG-21s.This also incorporates the Elta Radar.

The Ethiopian air force is evaluating the offers and a decision is expected soon. IAI and Elbit have also offered upgrades for the MIG-21s of Vietnam and Croatia.

Source: Flight International