Thunder Aviation has teamed with Honeywell to certificate a reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) upgrade for the Dassault Falcon 10 and 20. Supplemental type certification for the Falcon 20 is expected in December, and for the Falcon 10 next March. Chesterfield, Missouri-based Thunder sees a market for more than 300 upgrades.

The US Federal Aviation Administration plans to introduce RVSM in domestic airspace in January 2005, affecting 6,000 business jets. Bombardier and Cessna are concerned that operators of older Learjets and Citations are dragging their heels in scheduling aircraft for updates. Meanwhile, modification companies are rushing to field RVSM upgrades for out-of-production aircraft. Avcon Industries has received certification for its upgrade for the Learjet 20 series. Arinc Direct has teamed with AeroMech and Shadin to certificate upgrades for the Learjet 35 and Cessna Citation III/VI/VII. Sabreliner, with Kohlman Systems Research and Aviation Material &Technical Support, plans to certificate upgrades for the Rockwell Sabreliner 40, 60 and 80 series, while Elliot Aviation, with Honeywell, is developing an upgrade for the Raytheon Beechjet 400 and Mitsubishi Diamond 1/1A.

Source: Flight International