Turkish carrier in spat with BAE Systems after corrosion found in wing fuel tanks

The discovery of corrosion damage in its fleet of Avro RJ70s and RJ100s has prompted THY Turkish Airlines to ground the aircraft and launch negotiations with BAE Systems over remedial work.

The airline says it removed the aircraft from service after corrosion was discovered in wing fuel tanks during preparation for the aircraft's return to the manufacturer upon the expiry of their leases. It is understood the damage will cost $1.5-3 million per aircraft to repair and THY is disputing liability.

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft says it "only became aware through press reports that THY has grounded its Avro RJ fleet, although we did determine late last year that some minor repairs were required on a THY RJ which has now been recently re-delivered off-lease. We are currently in the process of taking re-delivery of up to another four RJs.

"We did eventually receive a formal request from THY to provide technical expertise to help them evaluate what rectification, if any, may be needed on its residual RJ fleet," it adds. "The grounding action was not supported by Regional Aircraft nor, to the best of our knowledge, by the Turkish airworthiness authorities."


Source: Flight International