Eurocopter has completed qualification of the HAP combat support version of the Tiger attack helicopter and has flown the first production standard example. Meanwhile, Germany's procurement office (BWB) has ordered mission support systems for its anti-tank Tiger UHTs from EADS subsidiary Dornier.

The HAP weapons system includes the Matra BAe Dynamics Mistral air-to-air missile, rockets and 30mm gun. The trials were flown by crews from Eurocopter, the French defence ministry flight test centre and the French army air corps and included firing trials at 5m (16.4ft)-diameter stationary and moving targets at 1,000m and 1,500m ranges in air-to-air and air-to-ground modes.

Results were "extremely positive", says Eurocopter. Nine of the 10 rounds hit their target at 1,000m while at 1,500m range six out of 10 scored direct hits.

In a further development the French aeronautical programmes office has awarded Eurocopter, Thales, Dornier and MS&I a contract to develop an airborne tactical information/positioning information datalink for the Tiger, which Eurocopter says paves the way for involvement in development of communications and mission planning systems.

The first of four elements to the BWB mobile mission support contract is worth more than €11 million ($10.5 million) with final deliveries expected in 2006.

• The Greek air force is to purchase four Eurocopter AS332C1 Super Pumas for search and rescue missions (SAR) and combat SAR missions. The deal, worth €100 million, includes an option for two machines and calls for delivery within two years.

The helicopters will be equipped similarly to four Super Pumas in Greek merchant marine service, including a Honeywell RDR-1500B radar, Thales forward-looking infrared system and Thales (ex-Sextant) self-contained navigation system with automatic transition and hover modes.

Source: Flight International