Sir - In response to Derek Colbourne (Letters, Flight International, 26 June-2 July, P40), I, too, have flown into Tregganu, as well as Tauwau, northern Borneo. I have flown into Chin Min on the Taiwanese/Chinese airspace border, to Saana in Yemen, and to most of the marginal airstrips in New Guinea. Over the space of 30 years I have flown Douglas DC-3s through to Airbus Industrie A320s and believe that I have more than earned the salary I have been paid

No global-positioning system (GPS) can help in 45kt (85km/h) of crosswind, or when you cannot see out of cockpit windows. GPS cannot help you in the hills and valleys of New Guinea, nor can it help you with landing and taking off from a short strip with a hill at either end.

If you have not done it, you cannot understand. I believe that Mr Colbourne ought to think about that.

Source: Flight International