As the world becomes ever more aware of the need to re-use waste, Metal Management Aerospace (Hall 3, A14) is in a good position as one of the few companies enabling the aerospace industry to recycle its unique alloys.

Thierry Olive, Metal Management Aerospace's European representative, says the company takes a hands-on approach to its business.

"We can visit the client's factories and teach them to separate their scrap - so as not to contaminate the product, and we can provide boxes for them to fill," he says.

Thierry says recycling is hugely important in an industry which produces an unusually high amount of high technology metals.

"In Spain we have a block that weighs 700kg (1,500lb) when it arrives at the factory. After machining, it weighs only 60kg - the rest is waste. The process of recycling enables the manufacturer to get some money back on that, and it places less stress on resources."

Metal Management Aerospace, which also specialises in mutilating aerospace parts to render them unusable in aircraft engines, developed specifically to help defeat the trade of illegal and 'suspected unapproved parts', some of which come from scrapped aircraft parts.


"Aerospace Parts Security is preventing products going back to the market and ensures they go to the smelter. The consequences of an old part being re-used could be terrible," says Thierry.

He also designed the highly original stand featuring early American-style wooden canoes - making it stand out from its brightly-coloured, plastic and metal neighbours.

Source: Flight Daily News