In case you’ve been too busy to notice, less than 12 shopping days now remain before Christmas. To assist our more procrastinating readers, Flightglobal has compiled a list of the top 10 last-minute Christmas gifts available for purchase right now on eBay, the online auction site. Aviation tends to rank among the more expensive hobbies, and so our guide is not recommended for readers on fixed or – even normal – incomes.

1. Replica Boeing 737NG flight simulator

Boeing 737NG sim

Who does not want a replica Boeing 737NG flight simulator in their own home?

This $118,650 model was built privately using a variety of authentic parts and simulator systems.

2. Fantasy Island Grumman Widgeon

Fantasy island plane

You can own the plane from Fantasy Island.

The 1970s TV show featured a 1967 Grumman Widgeon sea plane in the opening of every episode. That plane is now available for $350,000.

Following its appearance on Fantasy Island, the aircraft had a troublesome career. It was eventually impounded by US authorities on a drug smuggling bust in Oklahoma, according to the eBay seller.

3. Centrifuge flight motion simulator

Centrifuge Flight Motion Simulator

Give the gift of fully immersive flight simulation this Christmas.

This particular item – two centrifuge flight motion simulators offered for a total of $6.875 million, is not for the most frugal shoppers.

But the opportunity to simulate up to 9g loads in the privacy of your garage – assuming it’s large enough – could tempt anyone. Your friends can join the fun by filling the six pods in each of the two simulator systems.

4. Aluminium Javelin model

Javelin model

Anyone can find a model of a successful commercial or military aircraft, but it takes a special kind of dedication – and mindset – to value items from one-off cancelled projects.

For sale right now is one such item.

A decade ago, a start-up company in Colorado attempted to design and build a personal jet that looked like a cross between an F/A-18 and a T-38. The ATG Javelin attracted support, but, alas, not enough financial backing, and the project was dissolved.

The display model that ATG showed off at conventions and air shows is now for sale for the tidy sum of $7,495. If the item is ever sold, at least someone will make money off the idea.

5. World War II practice pomb table stand/ice bucket

World War II bomb

A World War II practice bomb is offered as a very convenient table stand/ice bucket for $3,750 at the “buy now” price.

Adding to the appeal – and the bombs away theme – is the fan ring from the engine of a jet-powered bomber. The eBay site says the ring comes from the J47 engine, which is described erroneously as for the Boeing B-52. The J47 powered the earlier Boeing B-47 bomber, while the J57 powered the B-52.

6. LZ-129 Zeppelin Hindenburg crash relic duraluminium frame table

Zeppelin Hindenburg table

Seventy-eight years ago, the Hindenburg airship spectacularly caught fire and crashed while mooring at Naval Air Station Lakehurst in New Jersey. Some of the duraluminium support structure survived the disaster and most were shipped back to Germany to be recycled in the rapidly expanding Luftwaffe combat aircraft fleet.

But a seller on eBay says that some of the duraluminium material was left behind, and refashioned into a series of 15 tables for collectors.

One of those tables is now for sale for $15,000 on eBay.

7. Airbus wing flap office desk

Wing Flap desk

Add some lift to your co-worker’s office this Christmas with a desk made from a former Airbus A300 wing flap.

For $4,400, you can immediately buy this elegant piece of office furniture designed by Skyart Design.

The aluminium part makes a sleek surface for a coffee table.

8. Wright Brothers 112-year-old trophy and award

Wright Brothers trophy

In 1911, the Wright Brothers awarded pilot Arch Hoxsey a trophy for breaking the world altitude record with an ascent to 11,474ft.

Unfortunately, Hoxsey was already dead after crashing while attempting to break his own altitude record.

The trophy ended up in a jeweler’s shop in California, then disappeared for decades.

It is now back on the market and a highly valuable collectible. The seller has listed the sterling silver trophy cup and tray with a buy now price of $150,000, but you can also make an offer.

9. Model of next-generation Russian stealth bomber


We do not know much about the bomber the Tupolev design bureau is under contract from the Russian air force to develop for replacing the Tu-95 and Tu-160.

But you can buy a model of it today.

In perhaps the tradition of the Testers F-19 model – which grossly misinterpreted the shape of the Lockheed Martin F-117 stealth bomber before it was revealed – Philippines-based Planeshowcase will sell you a mahogany wood model of its concept for the so-called PAK DA bomber for $249.99.

But buyer beware.

Russia has not yet revealed the actual design for the new bomber. Based on statements by Russian industry and military officials, the design of the airframe was finalised last April, followed by the engine more recently.

10. DC-9 exhaust mixer coffee table


In the right hands, the same aircraft part that once channelled the 500°C exhaust of a Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan engine can nobly retire as a coffee table.

Furniture maker Skyart Design suggests – with admirable understatement – that this glass-topped exhaust mixer from a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 will “make your rooms stand out”, and we see no reason to argue.

You can purchase this structure fashioned from titanium-nickel alloy for $7,500 right now, or make an offer.