10. A380’s stellar performance undermined by ongoing technical issues: operators

Two years on from its service debut, operators have told Flightglobal that the Airbus A380 has proved itself to be a crowd pleaser from a passenger point of view but suffers some frustrating technical problems.

9. Air France A330 did not break up in mid-air investigators

Investigations into the loss of the Air France Airbus A330 over the South Atlantic have determined that the aircraft did not break up in mid-air, and did not transmit a distress message.

Air France AF447 tail

8.   Schiphol crash pilots death draws cockpit door scrutiny

The Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 crash on approach to Amsterdam Schiphol airport is the first survivable incident in which the anti-hijacking cockpit security door was shown to be a hazard for pilots.

7.  VIDEO US A320 river crash captured by Coast Guard camera

Surveillance camera images have emerged of the moment a US Airways Airbus A320 ditched into the Hudson River in New York, capturing the aircraft as it slowed to a halt and the initial moments of evacuation.

US Airways A320 crash


6.  VIDEO FedEx MD-11 crashes at Narita

Japanese television posted a video of a FedEx cargo aircraft crashing and burning after having landing troubles at the Narita International Airport. The MD-11 freighter was arriving at Narita after a flight from Guangzhou, China, in strong wind conditions.

5. EXCLUSIVE: British Airways A318 all-business cabin revealed

British Airways has shown for the first time the interior cabin layout of the all-business Airbus A318s it will use on transatlantic routes from London City Airport.

4.  United flight diverts after captain and flight attendant argue

United Airlines is conducting an internal investigation after one of its captains diverted a flight to deplane a senior flight attendant who he argued with.

3. PICTURES Victor bomber accidentally becomes airborne during taxi demo

A Handley Page Victor bomber unexpectedly became airborne during a high-speed taxi demonstration.


2. PICTURES Boeing unveils upgraded F-15 Silent Eagle with fifth-generation feature

Boeing unveiled a new F-15 prototype aimed at the international market with such "fifth-generation" add-ons as radar absorbent coatings, internal weapons carriage and integrated digital avionics, plus featuring a distinctive V-tail.

1. USAF reveals RQ-170 Sentinel is new stealth UAV

A stealthy unmanned aircraft system developed by Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works division has secretly joined the US Air Force inventory.

Kandahar UAV

Source: FlightGlobal.com