10. VIDEO: FlightBlogger - Boeing 787 'Dreamliner One' being rolled out of the factory

FlightBlogger reader Liz Matzelle captured Boeing 787 'Dreamliner One' being rolled out of the factory on video. This latest footage shows the progress that Boeing is making with its delayed twinjet, which is scheduled to make its first flight around the end of April. See the video...

Aircraft MSN001 landed at 14:00 local time, after a sortie lasting 3h 45min

9. VIDEO: Flight's David Learmount on how a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 crashed at Amsterdam's Schiphol

The Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 that crashed on approach at Amsterdam's Schiphol International Airport had been in service for six years. As modern airlines go, Turkish Airlines does not have a good accident record, having experienced two fatal crashes in the last ten years, according to Flightglobal's safety and operations editor David Learmount.

8. VIDEO & PICTURES: A350 XWB cutaway model shows options for interior design

Airbus is showing off a new cutaway 1:120 scale model of its A350 XWB at the Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg.

The cutaway model highlights potential interior designs and features a first, business, premium economy and economy cabins. After its debut at the show, the model will then be presented to customers during a programme progress review meeting in the coming days.

7. VIDEO: Su-27 crashes at Radom Air Show

Two Sukhoi Su-27 pilots have thought to have died after their aircraft crashed while displaying at the Radom Air Show in Poland. Video footage of the accident, from Polish television, shows the aircraft rolling to the right, inverting and pitching down, before rolling left to a level attitude, but failing to arrest its descent.

6. PICTURES & VIDEO: Boeing clears 787 to fly 15 December

Boeing officially set 15 December at 1800 GMT (1000 PT) for the first flight of the 787 Dreamliner after receiving final approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration, followed by the flight readiness review and successful completion of high-speed taxi tests. ZA001, the airframer's first 787 Dreamliner, spent six hours on 12 December conducting taxi tests at the company's Everett, Washington facility north of Seattle.

5. BREAKING: VIDEO & PICTURES: Boeing 787 Dreamliner lifts off on maiden flight

After more than two years, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has taken to the sky, marking the maiden sortie of the world’s first majority-composite jetliner.

Under the command of chief pilot Mike Carriker and engineering pilot Randy Neville, Boeing’s first 787 test aircraft - designated ZA001 - departed the runway at the company’s Everett, Washington facility just after 10:28PST.

4. VIDEO: Sharjah 707 crash footage shows unexplained falling object

Video images capturing the Sudanese Boeing 707 crash during take-off from Sharjah Airport yesterday appear to show a falling object shortly before the jet came down.

The images from an airport surveillance camera show the aircraft, one of two 707s operated by Sudan's Azza Air Transport, apparently departing normally as flight 2241 to Khartoum just after 15:31. The video viewpoint is consistent with a departure from Sharjah's runway 30.

But within 15 seconds two frames of the footage show an unidentified object apparently dropping to the ground and, another 15 seconds later, the aircraft rapidly descending, in a steep bank, to the right of the departure path.

3. PICTURES & VIDEO: Airbus reveals definitive A350 XWB design

Airbus revealed the definitive design of the A350 XWB at a ground-breaking ceremony on 14 January. Two large scale models of the revised design show the twin-jet's latest shape, the most significant of which is the new-look nose.

"The detailed definition freeze was completed in December so now we can communicate on the actual aircraft architecture," says Francois Caudron, vice president A350 customer and business development.

2. VIDEO: US A320 river crash captured by Coast Guard camera

See these surveillance camera images captured the moment a US Airways Airbus A320 ditched into the Hudson River in New York, capturing the aircraft as it slowed to a halt and the initial moments of evacuation.

Flight 1549 from New York LaGuardia to Charlotte came down shortly after departure, apparently after striking birds.

1. VIDEO: FedEx MD-11 crashes at Narita 

Japanese television posted a video of a FedEx cargo aircraft crashing and burning after having landing troubles at the Narita International Airport on the morning of 22nd March at around 0700h.

The MD-11 freighter was arriving at Narita after a flight from Guangzhou, China, in strong wind conditions. 

FedEx reported that the captain and first officer did not survive. Investigators at the scene have recovered the aircraft's flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.


Source: FlightGlobal.com