Australian training company Aviation Australia has long-term plans to enter the pilot training sector to fill a gap in its portfolio.

The rapidly expanding Brisbane-based company offers a range of training programmes for staff in all sectors of the aviation industry, such as management, maintenance personnel and cabin crew. Its latest expansion will see A$3.4 million ($2.7 million) invested in a former TNT warehouse at Brisbane airport to be used for cabin crew training, says chief executive Paul Bredereck. The facility will be completed in August.

The pilot training sector "begs and screams" for the level of customer service Aviation Australia has brought to other sectors, says Bredereck. "You just don't get the same level of service in flying schools." But he concedes it will be some time before the firm has a presence in flight training. That would be contentious because Aviation Australia was set up by the Queensland government, and there are 55 flying schools operating in Queensland alone.

"Our long-term goal is to be a one-stop training centre," says Bredereck. "Some time in the future we will look at how we can assist and reinvigorate pilot training in Queensland and Australia."

The company is also looking to expand internationally, with developments in the Middle East and China expected soon.


Source: Flight International