Russian airline Transaero has revealed plans to add Airbus A310s to its fleet as it looks to re-introduce long haul services.

The Moscow-based carrier has concluded a deal with Airbus to take a used A310-300 on lease early next month, and is considering the acquisition of a second aircraft within the next eight months.

The second aircraft is available for delivery in October, but Transaero says that it will probably not be acquired until next April unless a "commercial opportunity" for the aircraft, such as a lease, can be arranged. The airline reports that it is on the way to recovery following its financial problems two years ago. It is now looking at re-establishing its long haul network, and envisages its A310 fleet growing to five aircraft within the next 3-4 years.

Transaero says it has been profitable over the last 18 months, making R275 million ($10 million at current exchange rates) during the first six months of 2000 on a turnover of around R1.5 billion.

Source: Flight International