14.00h-16.00 GMT: transfer of the Flight Information Service (FIS). The first pilot to make contact with Swanwick will be anyone who calls London after about 14.30 for information about weather in the FIR or the status of any UK airport.

16.00-18.00: transfer of the flow management position (tactical). Swanwick has a virtually identical flow management desk to that at West Drayton. The function of managing the computer-driven displays that analyse flight plan input for several hours ahead, to predict the sectors where overloading could occur, is switched to the desk at Swanwick.

18.00-20.00: transfer of the flight plan reception service (FPRS). This will require parallel manning of the FPRS at West Drayton and Swanwick. The aeronautical fixed telecommunications network address will remain the same and a NOTAM will be sent out giving the new telephone numbers.

00.00-03.00: transfer of area control (en-route control) and the military local joint area organisation to the LACC at Swanwick.

Source: Flight International