Malaysian carrier Transmile Air is restructuring its fleet to concentrate on cargo operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

The airline, which until now has operated seven Boeing 737-200s, took delivery of its first Boeing 727-200 Adv, an ex-THY Turkish Airlines aircraft, on 22 January.

Aircraft project and planning controller Albert Lim says the airline is looking for two more 727 freighters, re-engined to Stage 3 BFGoodrich "Super 27" standard, and is in talks with US operators about acquisitions.

About 80% of Transmile's income comes from its cargo business, says Lim. The airline wants to focus on cargo, as well as opening regional routes to Madras, India, and Australia, possibly to Darwin. It also wants to use the new 727 on established daily services into Shenzhen, China.

Transmile plans to reduce its 737 fleet. "We are interested in trying to sell the two 737-200 Advanced, and to replace our older 737-200QCs with larger 727s," says Lim. This would leave it with one 737-200C and two 737-200QCs, plus the three 727s.

Previously, the airline has periodically leased a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 on a short-term basis from Laker Airways, to transport Islamic pilgrims to Mecca on the Hadj. However, with its reinforced commitment to cargo operations, it will no longer do this.

Source: Flight International