The multi-nation Trigat LR (long-range) antitank missile has been successfully launched for the first time from a helicopter at the French test centre at Captieux. Two firings from ground vehicles were completed earlier this year.

EADS missile subsidiary LFK, which supplies the Trigat LR firing post, says the weapon was launched from a Panther helicopter travelling at 45kt (52mph) at a height of 100ft (30.5m) and hit a tank 2.6km (1.4nm) away. "The essential prerequisites have now been fulfilled on the industrial side for starting procurement of the Trigat LR missile in Germany," says LFK.

The missile being developed by EADS and Matra BAE Dynamics, is expected to equip the Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopters being procured by the German armed forces.

The future of the medium range version of Trigat was thrown into doubt in early 2000 following the UK's decision to pull out after delays.

Source: Flight International