Triumph Aerospace Structures will supply the wing, vertical tail and horizontal tail structures for the Boeing T-X trainer aircraft, Boeing announced this week.

Triumph Aerostructures, which inherits its composite and metal airframe heritage from the former Vought Aircraft, would build the structures at its Red Oak, Texas facility. Previously, Triumph has teamed up with Boeing as a supplier for the V-22 Osprey and C-17 Globemaster.

Boeing partner Saab built the aft fuselage for its first two production ready T-X aircraft and the company will continue that work if awarded the US Air Force’s trainer replacement contract, a Boeing spokeswoman tells FlightGlobal. In May, Boeing announced the company would complete final T-X assembly at its St. Louis, Missouri facility.

The USAF is looking to replace its aging Northrop T-38 trainer fleet with 350 new aircraft, plus ground-based training, for a contract valued at $16 billion. The service expects to award the contract by the end of this year, with initial operational capability planned for 2024.

Boeing/Saab’s T-X will compete against Lockheed Martin and Korea Aerospace’s T-50A, and Lenoardo DRS’s modified M-346 trainer, dubbed the T-100. Boeing/Saab’s bid represents the only clean-sheet design in the competition.