The US Transportation Security Administration says it will extend the comment period on its controversial Large Aircraft Security Programme proposal which covers for the first time all Federal Aviation Regulation Part 91 private operations and operators of any aircraft over 5,675kg (12,500lb) maximum take-off weight. The industry now has until 27 February 2009 to consider the implications of the programme and submit comments.

"This proposal is an unprecedented move by the TSA into general aviation," says the US Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association which fears that LASP will gradually be extended to all GA aircraft and operators. "Serious questions surround why GA is being considered for these onerous requirements," says AOPA.

The proposal calls for flightcrew member criminal history records and fingerprints checks, watch list matching of passenger manifests, biennial third-party audits of each aircraft operator, and new airport security requirements,third-party audits every two years, employing an in-house security co-ordinator who has been provided with initial and recurrent training.

Source: Flight International