THOMSON TRAINING & Simulation (TTS) is to build an Airbus A330-300 full-flight simulator for Korean Air. The South Korean carrier has also ordered a Boeing 747-400 simulator from CAE (see story).

Thai Airways International, meanwhile, has awarded TTS a contract to upgrade its Airbus A300-600 full-flight simulator from the current General Electric-powered configuration to represent an A300-600R with Pratt & Whitney engines.

The upgrade includes the installation of a PowerPC-based computing system, new control- loading electronics and avionics updates. The modifications are due to be installed at Thai Airways' Bangkok training centre, with the upgrade scheduled to be completed in July 1998.

TTS says that it has overcome problems with its Space commercial visual-system and that it believes that the improved product is now competitive with rival systems from CAE, Evans & Sutherland (E&S) and FlightSafety International.

The company says that it plans to continue marketing the Space Classic visual, which is based on proprietary hardware, while it further develops the Space Magic, which uses a Silicon Graphics image-generator.

The Space Magic will be offered to airlines once it is able to provide the performance required for Level D commercial flight-simulators, and offered by Space Classic, according to TTS.

Source: Flight International