Police in Tucson, Arizona have taken delivery of a fifth Bell 206B-3 JetRanger. The Tucson police department has been flying the aircraft for more than two decades and the four JetRangers already in service have amassed 50,000 accident-free flight hours.
The latest aircraft is the first of two that Bell will deliver to the department under the most recent order.


"This is a very special day for us," says Anthony Moreland, executivedirector of North American sales for Bell. "We sell many different aircraft to many different segments of the market, but law enforcement and emergency management mission truly demonstrate the capabilities of this aircraft."

Lt Rick Middleton, commander of the Tucson PD Air Support Unit, adds: "This is our fifth 206B. The JetRanger is versatile, efficient and very effective in suiting the needs of municipal law enforcement. It gets us in the air quickly, gives us 60-90min of flight time and can travel at a speed to get us across the city quickly to respond to calls."

Middleton says the department uses the JetRanger to respond to burglaries, armed robberies, serious auto accidents and missing person searches, as well as providing aerial photo opportunities for investigators.

"Bell products are tried and true helicopters," says Sgt James Graves, air support supervisor from Tucson PD. "I trust these products because of the history we have with them. Sure you could spend more, but dollar for dollar, for our mission, this product is great."

Source: Flight Daily News