Tunisair has followed its recent deal with Airbus for A319s and more A320s, with an order for four Next Generation Boeing 737-600s, and taken options for three extra aircraft, with variants to be determined later.

The new 737-600s, which are similar in size to the -200 and -500 versions, but with improved performance, will be introduced between May 1999 and 2000. The first of the seven recently ordered A320 family models (an A319) will be delivered in mid-1998.

The airline's fleet now includes eight Boeing 727-200s, four 737-200s and four 737-500s, as well as eight A320s. Tunisair has previously divided its narrowbody orders between the two manufacturers, ordering A320s and 737-500s in 1988. The newly ordered aircraft will replace older 727 and 737s.

Boeing has to date received orders for some 3,798 737s.

Source: Flight International