Turkey has selected Alenia Aeronautica's anti-submarine warfare (ASW) version of the ATR 72-500 to equip its navy and is expected shortly to start negotiating a $220 million contract for 10 aircraft. Turkey's ATR 72 ASWs will be equipped with the Thales Amascos mission system.

Alenia parent Finmeccanica is offering industrial offsets worth $240 million to local industry, say Turkish press reports. Turkish companies are expected to gain work modifying the aircraft, integrating the mission system and supplying equipment and components.

Turkey will use the aircraft for maritime patrol - replacing its EADSCasaCN-235MPAs - as well as ASW duties. The Amascos comprises a tactical command system and range of sensors. The surveillance radar is likely to be the Thales Oceanmaster. The principal changes to the ATR 72-500 airframe will include the installation of the search radar, electro-optical sensors, magnetic anomaly detector, self-protection system, sonobuoy launcher, observation portholes and external hardpoints for the armaments. Changes also will be made to electric power generation and distribution systems, air conditioning and communications.

Alenia has already delivered ATR 42MP maritime patrol aircraft to Italy's customs and coastguard, equipped with mission systems and sensors developed by companies of the Finmeccanica group. The larger ATR 72 airframe allows for more mission equipment to be fitted in the aircraft, including weapons.



Source: Flight International